American Lipo Centers is proud to announce the opening of a new American Lipo Centers location in New York City New York. This office joins our other locations in Atlanta Georgia, Dallas Texas, San Antonio Texas, Virginia Beach VA, Northern Virginia in Alexandria, Bowie Maryland, and Baltimore Maryland, the Washington DC area and Greenwich Connecticut.

American Lipo Centers offers laser liposuction services in several locations and has experienced cosmetic surgeons who will help sculpt your body to the best body that it can be. Are you ready to “love your body again?” If so, please visit American Lipo Centers in Manhattan New York City, NY.

Our New York City office will be in the heart of Manhattan and we will be offering free consults on a regular basis.

We are proud to have Dr. Joel Singer, a board-certified plastic surgeon working with us at the new American Lipo Centers office in New York City as well as in Greenwich Connecticut. He has done thousands of cosmetic surgeries and has vast experience in plastic surgery.

American Lipo Centers looks forward to further expansion of our award-winning group of laser liposuction centers.


for more information about our New York City location or our other locations nationally.