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Congratulations to our team for doing such a great job! We have done over 170 laser liposuction cases over the last 5 months and have so many happy patients who have seen life-changing differences in their bodies!


It is extremely rewarding to see patients see their own before and after photos and marvel at the dramatic changes they see. Sometimes people forget what they used to look like and say “wow, I can’t believe what a difference there is.”

We look forward to many more happy clients over the holiday season!

Dr. Gilad Segev


Here is my advice on selecting a liposuction center:

1) determine if you are a good candidate for liposuction: are you ready psychologically, physically, and financially for the procedure? Is lipo the right surgery for you or are you better off not having the procedure or having a similar procedure, such as an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)?

2) Once you determine that you want to have the surgery, then work on deciding which center/physician you feel most comfortable with; some questions to ask yourself and the doctor are listed below

3) Ask the physician how many procedures he/she has personally done; also ask to see before and after photos of work that the surgeon personally did

4) Ask yourself, do you feel comfortable with the physician? Do you feel comfortable with the center? You should feel comfortable with both since you will be counting on both to give you the best experience possible; At our center, you are given my personal cell phone number (Dr. Gilad Segev) after the procedure, so you know that I am accessible and always willing to discuss any questions or concerns you may have

5) Affordability: obviously this procedure is not a commodity, and as such, you don’t want to shop around based solely on price; however, clearly you have to find an offer that fits your budget; my advice is find a center that offers a good value, by combining affordability with high quality and experience

6) Realistic Expectations: find a center/physician that gives you realistic expectations of what you can expect after the procedure (results-wise); remember the surgeon is not sculpting clay, but rather the human body, so if you have loose skin, it will still be loose after the surgery and if you are a size 18, you will likely not get down to a size 10 overnight (going down one dress size is more realistic after the procedure)

Good luck in your quest to find a good physician to help transform your body!

Warm Regards,

Dr. Gilad Segev

Dr. Gilad Segev, Alexandria Virginia

Dr. Gilad Segev,





Dr. Gilad Segev Laser Liposuction Updates (American Lipo Centers/Dr. Gilad Segev):


Thank you to those who have been following us recently. We have been very busy with laser liposuction at American Lipo Centers in Virginia. My team in Alexandria Virginia and myself, Dr. Gilad Segev, have performed over 600 procedures over the last 2.5 years and have done over 110 surgeries in our Virginia office in just the last 3 months.

As you know, laser liposuction is a great way to do liposuction under local/tumescent anesthesia which gets great results, while eliminating the need for general anesthesia.

Please visit us at our website and for more information about Dr. Gilad Segev or see us at for more informationa bout laser liposuction in Virginia and the DC area and to see our amazing before and after photos.

Thank you,


Dr. Gilad Segev

Alexandria Virginia



Thank you.

We just want to extend a sincere thank you to our loyal patients who have supported us and given us kind testimonials and referrals. We have done over 100 liposuction procedures in the last 3 months and have had great results.

We find it so rewarding to see patients back for their follow-up appointments and they are so happy with their results and the implications of the results (getting to buy new clothes, improved self-esteem, etc.)

So please keep the referrals coming, give us feedback on any thoughts on our practice and have a great day!

Thanks again,

Dr. Gilad Segev

Alexandria, Virginia



Advantages of Laser liposuction over traditional liposuction include:

– skin tightening from laser as it heats up the collagen

– reduced surgical risk due to local anesthesia vs general anesthesia

– some studies suggest a faster recovery period

– often there is less cost as laser liposuction can be done in an office-based setting


Please visit us at to learn more.

Thank you,


Dr. Gilad Segev

Alexandria, Virginia

Good luck to everyone over the weekend with the upcoming hurricane. Please be careful, use this as a time to reflect on the people who bring joy and warmth to your life and use this as a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family.


Gilad Segev

What is Laser Liposuction?

Laser Liposuction is a variation of liposuction where two important distinctions from traditional liposuction occur. The first is the use of local (tumescent) anesthesia. This method of anesthesia provides the safest course and greatly minimizes potential risk. The second distinction from traditional liposuction is the use of a laser to liquefy the fat and help tighten the skin. This cutting edge technology has helped improve results, improve comfort level, and minimize post-operative discomfort.

How long does the procedure take?

On average, the procedure takes 2-3 hours per session.

What should I expect after a Liposuction procedure?

Following the procedure, you may experience some drainage of fluid from the incisions that typically resolves within 24 hours. A compression garment will be placed immediately following the procedure and must be worn at all times for two weeks (and then at night for another two weeks.) Most patients return to work two days after the procedure.

Is there Pain or Discomfort after Laser Liposuction Surgery?

During the two days immediately after liposuction, the amount of pain experienced depends on the type of anesthesia used for liposuction. Soreness is usually the most intense 2 to 4 days after liposuction and then decreases steadily. The tenderness and soreness typically is quite bothersome for up to 4 weeks, but gradually subsides over the following next 4 to 8 weeks.

Which Body Areas can be treated by Laser Liposuction?

The most frequently treated areas for women are the abdomen, flanks (“love-handles”), hips, outer thighs, anterior thighs, inner thighs, arms, and neck. In men, who comprise about 20% of liposuction patients, the most commonly treated areas include the chin and neck area, abdomen, flanks (“love-handles”), and chest.

Am I A Good Candidate for Laser Liposuction Surgery?

A good candidate for liposuction is defined as any person who has realistic expectations, is in good health and is likely to be happy with the results of liposuction. The best candidates for liposuction are patients with good skin tone (elasticity) who have areas of excess fat in localized regions.

How many treatments are needed?

Only one treatment is required for most patients.

How long is the Laser Liposuction Surgery Post-Op and Recovery time?

When liposuction is done totally by local anesthesia, patients can usually depart from the surgical facility within 30 minutes of the completion of surgery. Most patients can return to a desk-type job with two days after tumescent liposuction. Because of the significant decrease in swelling, inflammation and pain after tumescent liposuction, patients are able to return to normal physical activities very soon after tumescent liposuction.

Is it Normal to be Anxious before having Laser Liposuction Surgery?

Yes. Almost everyone has some degree of anxiety before having a surgical procedure, including liposuction. Don’t worry; we have seen hundreds of similarly concerned patients and we will walk you thru the whole process and make sure that you are comfortable every step of the way.

How does Abdominal Laser Liposuction differ from a “Tummy Tuck”?

A tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is a major surgical procedure requiring general anesthesia, and involves liposuction and excision to remove fat, plus a large excision of skin. Patients typically are hospitalized and have a long recovery period. Because liposuction is safer and causes much less scarring compared to tummy tucks, abdominal liposuction is now far more common than are tummy tucks.

When can I expect to see results?

Results are visible within a few days with continuing improvement up to six months.

Can you compare traditional liposuction with laser liposuction?

Laser Lipo Traditional Lipo
Local Anesthesia General Anesthesia
Laser Probe 3-4mm Large suctioning cannula
Promotes skin tightening May lead to sagging skin
No Sutures Suture Closure
Little scarring Large scar
Downtime about 2 days Downtime about 7-10 days

As you may know, we specialize in laser liposuction, a great way to remove unwanted fat using a laser. It is done under local anesthesia and so it diminishes the risk of general anesthesia. Our center has done hundreds of procedures and our patients have really enjoyed their new and improved look.

For more information, please visit our website or email us and we can provide you with our before and after photos of our laser liposuction clients.

I am Dr. Gilad Segev, and I am the medical director of American Lipo Centers. We look forward to meeting with you to further discuss if laser liposuction is a good surgical option for you.