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Congratulations to our team for doing such a great job! We have done over 170 laser liposuction cases over the last 5 months and have so many happy patients who have seen life-changing differences in their bodies!


It is extremely rewarding to see patients see their own before and after photos and marvel at the dramatic changes they see. Sometimes people forget what they used to look like and say “wow, I can’t believe what a difference there is.”

We look forward to many more happy clients over the holiday season!

Dr. Gilad Segev


Advantages of Laser liposuction over traditional liposuction include:

– skin tightening from laser as it heats up the collagen

– reduced surgical risk due to local anesthesia vs general anesthesia

– some studies suggest a faster recovery period

– often there is less cost as laser liposuction can be done in an office-based setting


Please visit us at to learn more.

Thank you,


Dr. Gilad Segev

Alexandria, Virginia

As you may know, we specialize in laser liposuction, a great way to remove unwanted fat using a laser. It is done under local anesthesia and so it diminishes the risk of general anesthesia. Our center has done hundreds of procedures and our patients have really enjoyed their new and improved look.

For more information, please visit our website or email us and we can provide you with our before and after photos of our laser liposuction clients.

I am Dr. Gilad Segev, and I am the medical director of American Lipo Centers. We look forward to meeting with you to further discuss if laser liposuction is a good surgical option for you.